Family Trip #1

So this post has been a long time coming. It turns out kids get pretty bored in July with no school, no planned activities and few toys. I have been playing a lot these past couple weeks and I’ve been exhausted by bedtime. I hope to do a better job blogging come school year…

So…this is a post full of family fun on our first weekend out and about in Denmark. Sit back and enjoy the pictures that may or may not be very fuzzy. I know Grandma and Grandpa will enjoy seeing them at least.

Day 1:

Our first trip was to Odense. Odense is located on the island of Fyn. (Fun fact: Denmark has over 400 islands!!! <insert “The More You Know” jingle>) Fyn is one of the bigger islands and Odense is the third largest city of Denmark. It is also the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Never heard of him? Well he wrote such tales as “The Little Mermaid”, “The Princess and the Pea”, “The Snow Queen” (which Frozen is based off of), and many more. Disney owes him a LOT.

Now “Let It Go” is in your head.

So back to the trip…

We first decided to go to the Danish Railway Museum or Danmarks Jernbanemuseum. I was a little worried that the girls would get bored quickly. Boy, we were pleasantly surprised. There was a multiple choice answer/scavenger hunt to do throughout the museum. Claire enjoyed hunting down the signs and guessing the answers. Avery enjoyed climbing in and out of the trains. My husband loved the engineering aspects and reading the history of the railway. I was just happy everyone was happy. We even rode on a vintage train for 10 minutes and the girls took a trip on a mini train.

The rain stopped right around lunch time (p.s. it rains quite a bit in Denmark) so we were able to enjoy the cute playground behind the museum. (This was Avery’s favorite part of the museum.)

Lunch was enjoyed in the park which involved another rain shower and us taking shelter under umbrellas.

Next, we ventured into H. C. Andersen’s world. The walk to his birthplace was extremely quaint and pretty busy (don’t let the below picture fool you…it was busy).

We discovered we needed tickets to step in the house and those were located at the H. C. Andersen museum.

The museum was free for kids. We know why. There were no interactive, eye-grabbing stuff for them. Avery laid down in the middle of the museum and threw a fit about being “SSSOOO BBBBOOOORRREEEDDD”. So our time there was short.

We then searched for the Tinderbox, a fun playhouse for kids. We followed the map and footprints scattered on the streets of Odense.

It led us to a beautiful stream. By now, Claire was complaining about walking and how bad her feet hurt. She did perk up when we saw some ducks and a garden with a fountain.

We then came across a playground and a castle stage.

We had missed the play and we believe that this is where the map was bringing us. You can imagine Claire’s excitement when we told her this was not the Tinderbox we were searching for.

So we trudged back from where we came from, continuing to look for the Tinderbox. Google Maps brought us back to H.C. Andersen’s childhood home. We did tour it but both girls were whining and losing interest fast. So we gathered our courage and asked someone for directions.

This put us on the right path. We found it in the Møntergården. And WOW! Avery was in pretend heaven. We all were able to dress up and play pretend in this little house. Unfortunately, we only had an hour before closing time so playtime had to end.

Needless to say, we were all exhausted and ready for bed.

Day 2:


Another fun fact: Legos were invented in Denmark by Ole Kirk Christiansen. The word “Lego” is the abbreviation of leg godt which means “play well” in Danish.

Of course, the girls loved it. Claire was all about the roller coasters (not for me). Avery loved the Merry Go Round and the Duplo Park. I loved all the Lego sculptures and the MiniLand. I was extremely impressed. The MiniLand has moving cars, trucks, plane and windmills. So many little Lego pieces! There were even Lego sharks in the boat rides!

We also got to meet some Lego royalty (AKA Legoland employee). Claire talked her ear off.

It was a great weekend and many memories were made.

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