Family Trip #2 + Claire’s Thoughts

Playing catch up here so the next few posts will be about our trips we’ve taken before I forget the details of each one.

While our house was still empty, we decided to make another weekend trip. This time we headed to the northern tip of Denmark, Grenen.

The town of Skagen is just south of there and is a big draw for tourist and weekenders. The reason Grenen is so popular is because it has an interesting feature. It is where the Skagerrak and Kattegat Seas meet. They crash together at the most northern tip and are constantly changing the landscape there. It is an awesome site to visit and this was my second time experiencing it.

This time was much more enjoyable because 1) it was warm & sunny compared to the the windy, rainy time we had previously and 2) it was also the first time the girls saw the ocean.

As you can see, they loved it. BUT they hated the sand. Sand. In. Everything.

Skagen Grå Fyr to the south
Notice the big ships in the distance. Waiting to come to port from off shore oil rigs.

After Skagen, we headed south to catch a few more sites.

The next was Den Tilsandede Kirke or the sand buried church. The church was built some time in the 14th century. Unfortunately by the 18th century, sand began to overtake the church and the congregation had to dig it out to be able to attend services. In 1795, the sand won and the church was closed. Now only the tower is accessible.

We decided to climb the stairs to the top and looked out over the horizon.

View from the church window

Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous with my 3 year old walking/climbing up the steep steps. She did fine of course but a mom always worries.

After a quick stop at the playground, which had a slide version of the church, we headed west to Bindslev.

Bindslev has a picture perfect fish ladder and power station. I did not know what a fish ladder was but man, it is beautiful.

Our girls were still angels at the point and quietly enjoying the scenery (NOT). They were complaining about being starved and how bad their feet hurt and how boring it was to just look at water. *sigh*

I didn’t get to quietly enjoy this scenic stop as much as I would have liked.

We headed to Burger King for supper (gluten free buns!!!).
After a potty accident in the Burger King ball pit (life with kids), we made our way to our last destination. Another monument being threatened by sand. Rubjerg Knude Fyr.

Wow! This was well worth the drive and 15-20 minute hike with a 3 year old on your back.

This is a lighthouse that is being threatened by the wind and sea. The lighthouse sits on the edge of a cliff and the sea is eroding the shore and the wind is shifting the sand farther inland. There will be an attempt this month to move the lighthouse as it will likely crash into the sea if it is not moved.

Walking up to the lighthouse, you see lush, green fields. Sheep were grazing nearby. Then all of a sudden, it’s like the Sahara Dessert. Sand is taking over the vegetation.

Climbing to the top of the lighthouse did test how brave we were. The girls and I were a little shaky. The winds were very powerful at the top and the cliff is just…right there. It is a LLLLOOONNNNGGG way down. While it was a breathtaking view, I was ready to climb back down.

Me realizing I do have a fear of heights….

Claire’s Thoughts on Denmark

Hej! My thoughts on Denmark are pretty good. I miss my friends and family a lot sometimes. The sights are very nice. It. Rains. A. Lot. I have mostly been playing Hatchimals and going on walks. I loooooooove Denmark! Hej hej!

2 thoughts on “Family Trip #2 + Claire’s Thoughts

  1. Janet Montour

    So miss you doing the news on KWWL, Denice. You were such a treat to watch. You have the cutest little girls. I am a Grandma with grown grandchildren (They are all college grads so, really grown). I love seeing those cute little ones. Enjoy your experiences in Denmark. I hope you come back to N. E. Iowa someday.

    Jan, Clayton County, Iowa


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