Family Trip #3

Facebook can be a curse and a blessing. A curse because it is mind numbing, there’s lots of controversy and plenty of conspiracy theories.

It is great though at keeping in contact with friends and family, feeling closer to home and keeping me updated on events happening around my area. When an ad for the Tall Ships Races popped up, I checked it out immediately. I knew this was something we would never be able to experience in Iowa.

After reading the details, we decided to make a day trip to Aarhus to see these ships. There were a ton of activities planned and it looked pretty cool.

The Tall Ships Races is an annual race. It involves ships of many different sizes and nationalities. The Tall Ships Races is two races from one point to another and the locations can change from year to year. If you want more information, check out their website.

Now the trip did NOT start out well. We were stranded on the freeway due to an accident. Traffic was at a standstill for over 30 minutes. Thirty minutes with a three year old who is barely potty trained and another child who is “SSSOOOO BBBBOOORRRREEEEDDD!” (we hear this a LOT). We almost turned around as Mount Mom was erupting…

But we stuck to the plan and finally arrived late morning. It was packed! There were a LOT of people to see the ships. The port was full and lined with ships and food stands. The Aarhus port even had a huge Ferris Wheel that the girls begged to go on multiple times. (They did not get to go because they were being naughty and got that treat taken away. I know, I’m a mean mom.)

Many of the ships were open for viewing. We went on little sailboats to enormous ones. Some had full crews to help answer questions, others had posters and others we just ventured around on. Their were ships from Denmark, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, all over the world! The girls enjoyed climbing on the boats. Avery loved spotting the tour boat that was traveling around the harbor. Claire loved to grab the huge ropes and pretending to be a sailor.

What I found interesting, is that the crews were young. They mainly consisted of college age kids who just wanted to explore the world and sail. Many of the boats were associated with a university or sailing school. Not a bad way to spend a college semester.

After viewing multiple boats, the girls were ready for a change of pace.

On top of a parking garage/building, they had an amazing park for children. Kids from many nationalities were running around and having a great time. Claire climbed a huge bear sculpture that was also a slide. We had a hard time keeping our eyes on them.

We then made our way to the west side of the harbor to try and check out the huge Mexican ship. Unfortunately, it was closed by the time we got there and we did not have an invitation to the party that was currently being thrown on board.

But we did find some mock sails and activities, mainly for Claire. She was having a great time pretending to hoist the sail, throw a buoy into the water and playing with other kids. There was even a fountain that kids were running around in, with or without clothes (swimsuits on children is more of an option in Denmark when it involves water).

We ordered pizza from the pizzeria that had a gluten free option. And man…it was GOOD! It was a great end to a warm day. Sitting along the harbor watching a ship sail by and enjoying the music from the festival.

Finally, we ended the day in the autonomous parking garage.

Now, this may have been one of the neatest highlights of our trip. We didn’t mean to park here but due to all the congestion and people, we sort of just found our way into this garage.

We had no idea what we were doing. First, we thought it was an elevator. My husband realized it was going to park the car for us. There were instructions on the screen in front of us. Claire made sure we followed all the rules. We used a credit card to identify our car and we left. Down it went below ground.

When we were done in Aarhus, we had to locate the pay center. The screen prompted us to wait at stall eight and our car would be returned to us. We were all a little nervous we wouldn’t see our car again but we were wrong:

Pretty cool, huh?

Although there was a lot of whining, a trip to the medical tent to get a bandaid and lots of sweating, it was a good experience for us all.

Claire’s Thoughts

I like Aarhus. The parking garage and the ships were cool. My favorite part was playing near the port. 1 ship was from Poland like my teacher. There was a bear slide and, man,was it fun! Traffic jams are soooo boring.

4 thoughts on “Family Trip #3

  1. Cindy Waters

    Loving reading your blog posts! It really makes me want to visit! Will do some geneology to make it a very worthwhile trip….. Keep up your stories!


  2. Cindy

    Loving reading your blog posts! It really makes me want to visit! Will do some geneology to make it a very worthwhile trip….. Keep up your stories!


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