Bugs, Slugs and Rain

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks with Danish lessons, school, life and extracurricular activities.

BREAKING: Claire lost her 7th tooth!!

Claire was nervous the Tooth fairy wouldn’t be able to visit here in Denmark. Luckily for her, the Tooth fairy has international connections. The Tooth fairy (Tandfeen in Denmark) brought her 10 Danish kroner in exchange for her tooth. (Fun fact: if we lived in Spain or France, a mouse would have visited her.)

I also made my first new European appliance purchase.

An electric pressure cooker! The above was homemade chicken broth. Store bought has nothing on the homemade kind.

I had one back in the states and used it 2-4 times a week. I was unable to bring it to Denmark because of the power voltage here. The United States has voltage at 110 V while much of Europe is at 220 V. Everything I owned that wasn’t 220 V capable would have fried. Now, we did bring a DVD player. Denmark (or Europe) DVD players likely wouldn’t be able to play my seasons of The Office. Thankfully, it only uses a max of 15 watts so I was able to use a small converter we had already purchased.

I also received my first American food order from MyAmericanMarket.com.

As you can see, a lot of essentials. Pumpkin spice season is in full swing in the states and I am definitely missing it here. I have seen one pumpkin so far and NOTHING labeled pumpkin spice in the stores. So four cans of pumpkin puree may get me through the month of October. My first recipe will be pumpkin spice creamer. I have not found any liquid flavored creamers at the stores here. There is syrup and cream but no International Delight creamer (not very international huh?).

The peanut butter here has much less sugar (which is good) but doesn’t spread as nicely as Jif. I have not seen chocolate chips in the baking aisle either so four bags made it into my shopping cart. Oh…and six pounds of mustard.

The mustard is for Claire. She eats yellow mustard by the spoonful. The mustard here is made with much more spice and she hates it. Hopefully, this will help her through the winter months.

The rest were just things I hadn’t seen at the store but used frequently in the states…lots of sugar…

Now I know you may be asking why I couldn’t just have Amazon Pantry to deliver this to my doorstep on a regular basis. Well, Amazon.com does not work here or at least not prime. We can still order some from them but shipping is pricey and it can take a long time to deliver here. We do have Amazon.de (Germany’s Amazon) but there isn’t as big of a selection as the states. So I’ll have to make due with this if I can’t find an item in Denmark. I happily found a health food store in Denmark that delivers so I was able to find most of my gluten free flour at a great price.

Summer has pretty much ended in Denmark. We’ve had lows in the 40s and highs below 65°F for a continuous stretch. It’s also been pretty rainy. So we’ve been outside whenever the sun is out. I have noticed that we have lots of spiders!

I’m sure it’s the climate (I’m not a bug expert). We have spiderwebs in every nook of our house, especially outside. Spiderwebs spring up quickly. Some spiders are small. Some are large. We currently have a large one in our carport. It’s about the size of my palm. We are not friends.

There are also a lot of bees/wasp around. Whenever I open a window and start to use the sink or eat, I have a neighborly wasp come and check it out.

We thought it was a bee but after several Danes called them wasps, I’m going to go with that. These guys love food. They hang out in our trash bins; come land on our food whenever we eat outside; just generally annoy us. They’re like a fly but with stingers. Thankfully, they have not stung us yet and we hope to keep it that way.

We also have Spanish slugs.

That is a full sized apple. That fungus looking thing is the slug. They. Are. Enormous! And gross looking. They must be pretty sturdy too. Claire accidentally ran one over the other day on her bike. She was certain she killed it but nope, it crawled away. Nightmares.

The slugs and spiders are happy as the rain has continued to fall. We’ve had days of complete overcast and then days of just a brief downpour. The girls’ school still allows them to play outside in the rain. We have good waterproof gear and muddy puddle boots and they LOVE it. I also saw four rainbows in one week so that made the continuous rain a little more bearable.

The drive to school and the rain has brought out some good talks with Claire. So I’ll leave you with a few of her weather jokes and some philosophy.

What is fog?

It’s a cloud scared of heights (because it stays low to the ground).

Did you say that was a shelf cloud?

I hope it has some good books on it.

And finally:

People need to be more like windshield wipers. They need to help each other out. You see how that one is pushing water to the other one to wipe it off? People need to be like that.

4 thoughts on “Bugs, Slugs and Rain

  1. Harold Sealman

    I lived in the Pacific Northwest for 40 years and slugs are everywhere . Just a sprinkle of salt on them does the trick . Pie tins with soapy water and a chicken gizzard in the middle for the wasps . They are carnivorous and will gorge themselves on the gizzard to the point they are unable to fly and will drown in the soapy water .


    1. Denice

      I will have to try the salt trick. They really gross me out.
      The wasp seem to be disappearing now because of the cooler weather but I’ll have to think about that for next year 😉


  2. Larry and Lorraine Tonn

    Larry and I are really enjoying reading all your families “escapades” and life in Denmark. Keep the blogs coming!
    Larry and Lorraine Tonn


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