What we’ve been up to…

So it was a long January. A few reasons for that is that all the Christmas and New Year decorations we taken down. The days were still short and mainly cloudy and dreary. In fact (climate nerd facts upcoming), the whole country averaged only 36 hours of sunshine (normal for January is 50 hours) and around three inches of liquid precipitation (average is 2.6″ for January). I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of rain to those of us from the Midwest but when it’s mainly just a drizzle, it doesn’t add up to much. It rained 28 days out of the 31 in January. *ugh*

We also didn’t go on any long trips or even many local trips due to the weather. But a few fun things happened…

Avery celebrated her birthday! She started the day with the traditional birthday donut and candle. She brought rainbow cupcakes to school which she enjoyed sharing with her classmates. We also spent the afternoon at the library playing on their little playground. It was a great day.

Otherwise, the rest of the month included running my school taxi service for the girls and errands. We’ve continued to learn Danish and now I can read some of the baby board books at the library (baby steps). The pronunciation is what I struggle with the most and since I’m not immersed quite in the Danish culture due to our international community, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to get that. Time will tell.

And that pretty much sums up our January. Exciting, huh?

February 1st hit and we were ready to get out of the house. The husband went to a motorcycle/car show and the girls and I went thrift store shopping. We did found some good deals including this little number for Avery:

Queen Elsa! She LOVES it! And it was only like $2! Score!

We then decided to stop at Skovsnogen or Deep Forest Artland. Although it was dreary, I was hoping the rain would hold off.

It was definitely an adventure. Art was scattered all along this forest with many walking trails. There was even a map provided to us to keep us from getting lost. Some of the art work was awesome, some was confusing and some were outright scary.

The girls really enjoyed the first part of the trip. There were stands to climb up on to see a view of the fields beyond the forest, a fun megaphone or listening device and the best part, a wooden snake to climb on.

After spending quite a bit of time climbing on the snake, we made our way deeper into the forest. At this point, Avery was getting a bit scared but we kept encouraging her to find more art. They definitely enjoyed pointing it out and climbing on what they could.

Then we came upon these guys. I found them to be the scariest bit of the park. They were mannequins covered in different sorts of fabric and antlers. Yikes!

Some other fun (and not so scary) things we found was a wooden house that Avery played pretend in for a while and another house with a tree going through it. It reminded me of a real tree house and the inside had a wooden gun, wooden deer mounts and wooden spices. It was also good shelter from the rain that was starting to fall.

Next, we crossed the road to experience the other part of the park. It was very muddy and I was very happy the girls were dressed in decent raingear.

This part of the park was located near a stream and would have been gorgeous on a spring day. On the day we went, well, it was starting to rain and the winds were picking up. Luckily, we headed deeper into the forest again where the close proximity of the trees helped to keeps us a bit drier and less wind blown. It also took us to my favorite piece of art, HATE.

These were massive, brick letters. Here’s the girls by them:

I think I loved it so much because it made such a statement in the forest. I also saw it as the literally translation of the saying: “Hate is such a strong word”. My thought might not be what the artist intended but everyone interprets art differently, right?

This is also around the part where we got lost and Avery was done! We took a wrong turn at a piece of artwork and ended up in the middle of a field close to the stream. Avery then started crying that her feet hurt and she wanted to be carried. She was done and in full tantrum mode. So after one stop at a candle art work thing:

we made our way back to the car.
Although, it wasn’t the best day to go on a hike through the forest, it was great to get out and absorb some nature and fresh air. I would highly recommend visiting Skovnogen, just check the weather first and bring snacks if you have kids.

And to end this post, I’m going to do a parent brag.

Claire’s class led an all-school assembly recently and I was able to attend. It was adorable! I was told it was the youngest class to lead an all school assembly and Claire had come up with the idea. Her class did an excellent job. They covered Valentine’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. and favorite books. It included singing, a sketch, videos and contributors from other classes and teachers. Claire even yelled for everyone to “Be Quiet” when they were being a bit loud. It was quite funny.

I’m so proud of her and her classmates for putting it together and being so brave. It is never easy to speak in front of your peers. Way to go!

We’re about to start winter break here in Denmark which for us means GRANDMA. IS. COMING.

And the days are getting longer! Now let’s just hope for some more sunny days…

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