Week 5 & 6 of Lock Down

Are the days/weeks running together for anyone else yet?
Because they are for me.
This post’s format will be a bit shorter because honestly, it’s becoming a lot of the same old, same old stuff. Elearning, playing and cleaning. But there have been some highlights.

-A lot of foam clay creations were made. Claire and Avery even produced a stop motion video with it on Day 30. Claire wrote the script and did the directing and camera work. Avery directed the characters. I stood in for Avery for the final voice over work.

-Day 32 was Easter! We made an Easter cake the night before, watched the movie “Hop” and had an egg hunt in the morning. We had a fulfilling lunch of lamb (which is typical at a Danish Easter lunch), potatoes and green beans (+ cake).

-Day 34 was spent in the forest geocaching (see this post on what geocaching is if you missed it). It was a bit chilly but sunny with light winds. We walked around a lake for around two hours. We even did some hiking off trail which got one little girl’s shoe stuck in some mud. I also packed our toddler carrier that I had previously planned to use in Italy with Avery. It worked great!
By the end of the walk, we had found seven geocaches! Score!

-Day 36 was an excellent elearning day. Claire dressed up as Captain Claire with her sidekick Vipey. They zap litter away with their eyes and grow trees really fast with laser eyes. Pretty hilarious (she’s 100% me).

She also spent that day racing a car she had made and measuring how far it went. It was a great activity for her and her sister to use some math.

-After a week of elearning, we again hiked off to the forest to geocache. We went to another lake surrounded by forest. This area was surrounded by walking trails and off-roading bike trails.
This time, Avery walked most of the way. It was a very fun geocache as all the geocaches were pretty easy to find and had themes. The girls loved guessing what the next one would look like. We also found a sinkhole and Viking mound.
Claire and the husband climbed up a huge hill to find our 2nd to last geocache. Claire was absolutely covered in dirt by the time she made it but was grinning from ear to ear. She was super proud of herself.
By the end of the day, we had walked 2.5 hours and had found 14 geocaches.

-The next day (day 39) we played a lot of ladder golf and climbed into the “tree house”. Another glorious sunny day in Denmark and it was also noted as historical by the Danish Meteorological Institute or DMI. Only 5.2 mm of rain had fallen in April throughout the country (normal rainfall for April is 41 mm). If the month ends with no rain, it would be the driest April since 1974. It could also be one of the sunniest Aprils on record.

-Day 41 I taught the girls how to climb the apple trees in our yard. We also put together our mini greenhouse and had a three legged race. All important life skills.

-Day 44 we went to visit daddy at work and helped grab some wood for our fireplace. We also visited a stunning tulip field.
It was gorgeous and Claire was enjoying running down the rows. But it was also very windy and chilly so Avery ducked out quickly. We picked a bouquet and made our way home.

-The next day we went fishing near Ribe. It was another gorgeous, sunny day and we hoped the fish were biting. We fished for two hours and almost caught one. It was a big one and snapped Claire’s line. Avery lost interest after the first hour and played at the park the rest of the time.
With no fish in hand, we decided we deserved ice cream.
Restaurants are still not open here in Denmark but take away is allowed. We were able to order ice cream through a window and were served it in a different one. Very little contact with anyone although it was pretty busy around the shop.
We took our ice cream (I had hot chocolate) and walked around Ribe. It was sad to see most of Ribe shut down. It is a touristy town and almost all of the shops were closed due to COVID-19.
It was still a beautiful walk along the canal.

As for Denmark’s handling of COVID-19, the country is starting to open. In my previous post I mentioned how the lower elementary students and day cares were allowed to open with restrictions. Some schools have struggled to open due to lack of space, cleaning supplies and/or staff. Most however have opened across the country.

Now select businesses have been allowed to open. Mainly hair dressers, dentist offices, massage parlors, etc. have opened. There are many new restrictions they all must follow. This includes more time between clients, face shields when necessary and lots of cleaning.
Cafes, restaurants, public institutions and a lot of retail spaces remain closed.

Other parts of the healthcare system have also been allowed to open to prevent a bottleneck of surgeries or procedures. Clinics are open but with less seating in the waiting room, more time between patients for cleaning and contact being a last option (video conferencing preferred).

White tents have also begun to pop up across Denmark. They will become testing facilities for the virus and antibody tests. I’m not sure if they are operational yet but they will likely be soon.

Zoos and theme parks are ready to open and were going to open on May 1st but health officials said it was unwise. Plus there is a ban on events of over 500 until September 1st and a 10 person ban in place until May 11th. Many have now decided to stay closed out of safety.

Unfortunately because of the gradual opening, some people are starting to become complacent. The police are issuing fines and now closing down outdoor areas where people have congregated. The daily reminder is that the COVID-19 threat is not over and we must continue to keep our distance. The next few weeks are going determine a lot on how the reopening is effecting the spread of the virus and if the healthcare system can handle it.

It’s been a long ride. And it’s only been a month and a half. I find myself having a short fuse. I’m anxious about the news, my childrens’ mental health, their education, our health and the health of those I love back home. The what ifs also get to me a lot. Will we make it back to the USA? Will we ever be able to travel again while we are here?

I know. Worrying is pointless and gets me nowhere. I need to enjoy the everyday moments. However, when day 1 moments are the same tantrums as day 43 moments, it gets old.

But there is a big change coming tomorrow.
The girls start school! I’m starting them a week before I planned. This is because I saw all the precautions that have been put in place by the school. I think everything is as safe as they can make it. I truly feel that going back will be better for them mentally and emotionally. They so badly miss interacting with people their own age and seeing their friends.
We are all so ready for a change.

One thought on “Week 5 & 6 of Lock Down

  1. Billie Jo Tonn

    Stay safe, things aren’t good here either, especially in the Waterloo area. There’s a lot of cases coming from the Tyson’s plant.


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